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Aero Run: Performance and Sustainability in Every Step


SANCAR, with a constant commitment to sustainability and innovation, seeks to invest significantly in expanding its product line. With the commitment to providing diverse options to its customers, the Aero Run collection emerges, a line of technical socks developed for athletes and sports enthusiasts.

The Aero Run collection has been meticulously developed to meet the needs of the most demanding athletes. Combining advanced technology, innovative design, and high-quality materials, this line of technical socks offers comfort, performance, and lightness during intense sports activities. Inspired by the aerodynamics and lightness needed during running and other sports activities, the collection provides adequate support, breathability, and freedom of movement, ensuring a superior experience for athletes.

The collection consists of four distinct models, each designed to meet the specific needs of sports practitioners:

Aero Run Bio Sneaker Sock:
Ideal for use with sports shoes, this sock provides support and comfort, keeping feet cool and dry during exercise.
Aero Run Bio Crew Sock:

With a higher length, this sock offers additional protection for the ankle and is perfect for running on uneven terrain.

Aero Run Bio Support Compression Sock:

Developed with compression technology, this sock helps improve blood circulation and reduce muscle fatigue, providing faster recovery after exercise.

Aero Run Bio Support Compression Calf Sleeve:

This compression sleeve specifically for the calf provides extra support to the leg muscles, reducing the risk of injury during training.

Each product in the Aero Run collection is made with high-quality materials, carefully selected for their durability, performance, innovation, and sustainability. Among the materials used are:

EVO BY FULGAR®: A hi-tech bio-based yarn, known for its lightness and moisture absorption capacity, keeping feet dry and comfortable during exercise.

Sensil®BioCare: An innovative material with special technology that helps fibers decompose, reducing environmental impact and promoting sustainability.

creora® bio-based: The world's first bio-based elastane, made from corn-derived material, offering exceptional flexibility and durability with a lower environmental impact.