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20 years

With head office in Northern Portugal - City of Barcelos - Textil Sancar has dedicated itself to producing stockings and socks, since 1995.

Along the years, the company has kept up pace with the advancements in the sector and the growing market demands, combing technology and innovation to the know-how and experience acquired in this field.

The continuous and substantial investments in machinery, software, facilities and R&D, allow the company to provide a large array of fine products that meet the needs of the general public, as well as market niches with specific needs.


With an annual production capacity of about 5 million pairs of socks, the company’s facility has, at this moment, a functional and optimized layout area of 2 400 m2 , starting with the reception of the raw materials up to the dispatch warehouse. 

Its products are currently present in various countries, being that the external market has exhibited, throughout the years, an increasing weight in company business volume.

The growing number of loyal customers reflects the company´s efforts and dedication in promoting customer satisfaction.

The customers of SANCAR can count on:


Competitive prices



Compliance with deadlines

Specific orders

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Compression Socks

The effect of the compression stocking significantly improves the muscular support of the leg and contributes to the decrease of the sensation of fatigue, prolonging the muscular performance. The slightest feeling of fatigue allows to accelerate the recovery period between each training, and soon facilitates the preparation for the next race.

Technical Socks 

The use of technical socks is an increasingly common practice for the consumer. The proper use of technical socks for each sporting area means there is an increase in performance, a sweat-resistance absorption capacity and consequent abrasion resistance and comfort.

Casual Socks

Socks are a very interesting piece of clothing. In addition to protecting our feet from abrasion and sweat, they are also a small detail that can change the wardrobe. More and more consumers are looking for socks with quality and design with which they identify more.



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